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Crescendo  Quartet-in-Residence

This talented quartet leads the weekly coachings of Crescendo members, and presents their own performances.

Photo (right):  Joe Furgal

Elizabeth O'Hara Stahr

Artistic Director; Artist-in-Residence, Viola

Elizabeth O’Hara Stahr is a professional violist, a player with the Arlington Philharmonic, and a resident of Arlington, Virginia.

Matt Richardson

Artist-in-Residence, Violin

Matt Richardson is a professional violinist and teacher in Northern Virginia, with expertise in chamber music.

Jennfier Wade

Artist-in-Residence, Violin

Jennifer Wade is a professional violinist and teacher in Arlington, and previously served as Music Director for Prelude, the predecessor program to Crescendo.

Andrew Rammon

Artist-in-Residence, Cello

Andrew Rammon is a professional cellist with an active performance and teaching schedule, and a special interest in chamber music.